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Jared Lafferty

Founder & CEO

Jared Lafferty is the Founder and CEO of Expense Mutual an online Life Insurance Agency specializing in permanent Final Expense, Burial, and Guaranteed Life Insurance. Jared began his career in the Life Insurance Industry in 2015 working at Wallstreet based Investment Companies as a financial representative. After leaving Wallstreet, Jared started Expense Mutual. He set out to bring the Life Insurance Industry into to the 21st century by making his Agency 100% online with free quotes at your fingertips. Jared asked in a meeting one day when working for the major Wallstreet firms, “We shop online for everything else why not Life Insurance.” The answer to that question was Expense Mutual. Jared has insured hundreds of clients wont have to worry about what will happen to their loved ones when they pass away and it is that passion that drives him to be a top producer in the field of Final Expense Life Insurance. Get affordable burial insurance with Expense Mutual today!

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