Average Cost of Cremation

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Cremation is a lower-cost alternative. With cremations, you won’t have to worry about cemetery fees, or having to purchase a vault for your casket. You can have a standard funeral service with it, or for the lowest cost, you can opt for getting a cremation directly.

How Much Does Cremation With A Funeral Service Cost?

Costs vary widely between funeral homes, and can also be affected by where you choose to have your funeral. The average cost ranges from $2,000 to $10,000. By comparison, a funeral with a burial costs up to $15,000.

Instead of costs such as:

  • $2,500 metal casket
  • $1,495 vault
  • $1,000-$4,000 burial plot
  • $1,500 headstone


You will pay:

  • $1,200 for the cremation casket
  • $295 for the urn (not mandatory)
  • $350 for cremation fee (often conducted by a third party)
  • For those wanting to save, cremation has the clear advantage.

What Does A Direct Cremation Cost?

While many choose to have a funeral service, it’s not required. Some choose to have a direct burial in which there is no viewing or funeral service, or even embalming. It is strictly cremation and nothing else.

It’s a simple process that does not require much on your end. In fact, the facility will fill out the necessary paperwork for you. With direct cremation, the funeral home simply takes the deceased from the location of death and transports the body to the crematorium. The ashes are then returned to your loved ones, who will store or scatter your remains depending on your preference.

Direct cremations cost between $2,000 and $5,000. This is substantially less than the average funeral cost, which can be up to $12,000.

What Can I Do To Cover Costs?

Regardless of what you choose, it is still costly. Luckily, there is an option that will help you cover your funeral expenses, plus provide your loved ones with funds to cover their personal expenses.

This option is final expense insurance. It’s easy to qualify for, as there are no medical exams involved. In fact, the enrollment process only requires a medical questionnaire at most if you choose a simplified issue final expense policy. You can also get guaranteed issue final expense, which asks no questions at all.

After you pass away, the insurance company will disburse a tax-free death benefit between $2,000 and $50,000 to your beneficiaries. While they can use these funds to cover all funeral expenses, they can also use it for any reason, such as covering personal debts or going on vacations.

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