Step-by-Step: How To Plan For Your Funeral

Funerals, on average, cost between $3,500 and $10,000. Planning for it is the best way to ensure it goes smoothly for your loved ones.

Step One: Plan Ahead

When preparing and planning for your funeral, anything you can do ahead of time is helpful. It doesn’t need to be complicated or completely planned out from start to finish — anything from small details to a good funeral home will be a good start.

Basic choices like whether you prefer burial or cremation, or special requests like being donated to medical science, burial at sea, etc., ensures your loved ones feel comfortable making those big decisions based on your wishes. You can also give guidance for your funeral service, from a traditional funeral to no service. Anything to plan and set something in place will take away one less thing to consider for your loved ones.

Step Two: Estimate Your Funeral Costs

Funerals can be expensive. But estimating the costs ahead of time will give you and your loved ones plenty of time to plan for it. Setting a price can also help you decide on swaps or changes to your burial, cremation, or service to fit within a budget.

Step Three: Make Financial Arrangements

With a price in mind, you can start making arrangements to pay for it. You have a few options.

First, if you’ve already chosen a funeral home, you can decide on arrangements with them and pay them monthly, similar to an insurance plan. This is typically referred to as pre-need insurance, and while it locks in your price, it is limited, and you may end up paying more than the cost of your funeral.

A better option is called final expense insurance. Unlike pre-need, this is considered a life insurance policy. You make monthly payments, and in exchange, a sum of money is issued to the loved ones of your choosing (called your beneficiaries) when you pass away. They can then pay this to the funeral home while still having the freedom to use anything left over according to your wishes.

Step Four: Organize and Document Important Info

To help wrap up your affairs, and for those who will be delivering eulogies and writing your obituary, gathering important personal documents is very helpful. Anything you would like to save or pass down should be set aside and communicated with a loved one as well. Also, speaking with a lawyer or expert is beneficial to ensure things like your will and estate are in order.

Step Five: Call Expense Mutual

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