What Is The Maximum Age To Get Final Expense?

Final expense insurance provides much needed protection for the families of people who die suddenly. These plans are much like traditional life insurance plans, except they are much easier to qualify for and therefore cost more. If you are considering a final expense plan, you may be concerned about the maximum age allowed for plan applicants. 

To find out more about the max age, keep reading. 

What Is Final Expense?

Final expense insurance is a form of life insurance that is usually easier to acquire. It costs more for less coverage, but you don’t have to worry about completing a medical exam to qualify. This makes final expense plans ideal for people with adverse health conditions that prevent them from getting traditional life coverage. 

Applying For Final Expense Insurance

To get final expense insurance, you must complete the application process. This involves answering a number of health questions and submitting your prescription history. These two elements are used to learn more about your health condition in order to determine appropriate premium rates. Once the underwriting process is complete, you can sign your contract and your coverage begins.

Is There a Max Age For Final Expense?

Surprisingly, final expense plans are willing to admit people ranging all the way up to age 85. This means that if you are this age or younger, you can apply for a plan and potentially be accepted. Some plans offer a higher maximum age then this, but 85 is the average. 

On the other end of the spectrum, younger people may be denied final expense coverage. Usually these plans prefer to cover people who are age 50 to age 85, though this isn’t always the case. To find out if a plan will accept you, speak to an insurance agent today. 

How To Find Final Expense Insurance

If you are in search of a final expense insurance plan, look no further. Jared Lafferty Expense Mutual can guide you through the process of comparing plans that fit within your budget. This requires collecting quotes, which we will gladly do for you. All you need to do is provide us with the information we need to submit to acquire quotes from insurance providers. 

To learn more about how you can get started with a final expense plan, give us a call at 470-761-4652.

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